The centrally located Sunnyland has over 2,200 Bellingham residents and has an abundance of character and rich history. Generally, the residential character of this area is single family two story homes that are older with residents who have lived there for many years. With that, the homes have been very well maintained.

This particular neighborhood is quite diverse with an industrial, commercial and residential mix. Industrial uses dominate the southern third of the neighborhood. Multifamily and single family areas surround a commercial area at the intersection of James and Alabama St. In the northern part of this neighborhood, there is a low density residential use with the western area containing a higher density residential use.

Other perks of this part of town include open space and play fields at the reconstructed Bellingham High School, Sunnyland Park, Sunnyland Elementary School and adjacent Memorial Park. Sunnyland Park is right off Alabama St and was created by citizens for the local children. Right outside the neighborhood is Cornwall Park which has several different attractions ranging from disc golf to trails to picnics.

This neighborhood is also home to Assumption Church, which is one of the largest gothic buildings in Bellingham. Sunnyland is also close to several locally owned and operated businesses.