South Hill

South Hill, located on Bellingham Bay, is a pleasantly unique neighborhood with more than 3000 residents and a number of areas with interrelated distinguishing characteristics.

This particular neighborhood boasts highly valued, excellent views of the Bellingham Bay, the Canadian coastal range mountains and the San Juan Islands. These views alone make South Hill one of the most popular neighborhoods in Bellingham. Views of the Olympic Mountains and Mt. Baker are less widely distributed, but still highly valued.

The Ridgeway area of the hill, developed since World War II, is located south of the university on the hills' highest elevation. Many of the homes residing in the area below 17th street were built in the early 1900's by prominent citizens. Lower South Hill is mostly condominiums that line Boulevard and State Street. It still has the same gorgeous views as the top of the hill along with easy access to the waterfront. All of the homes vary in architectural detail and size, but one common factor is that they are very well kept and restored.

South Hill Neighborhood residents have also indicated a very big appreciation for Boulevard Park and the newly constructed Taylor Street Dock. Boulevard Park is one of the most popular parks in the city. The Taylor Street Dock allows residents and visitors to stroll along while viewing the harbor activity. Another attraction to this neighborhood is Lowell Elementary School, built in 1914. The views from each classroom are gorgeous.

The views and unique homes are not the only things attracting residents. This particular area of Bellingham neighbors other desirable locations. Edgemoore, Chuckanut, Fairhaven and Downtown Bellingham are a hop and a skip away. Free way Exits taking you to Canada or Seattle are also located in a very close proximity. With all of these being so close to South Hill, outdoor activities, community events, dining and shopping options are practically endless!

February 9th, 2011

Happy Valley to South Hill to Fairhaven

Happy Valley to South Hill to Fairhaven

One of the best parts about living in the Bellingham area is the ability to walk and explore our beautiful neighborhoods. A particular favorite of mine is the walk from Happy Valley down Mill Avenue to Fairhaven. A great walk any time of year, the Spring and Summer months become particularly amazing as gardens bloom, …

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