The Meridian Neighborhood is located on the north side of the city of Bellingham and offers residents easy access to shopping, jobs, and I-5. The neighborhood is best characterized by its booming economy.

The most famous attraction in this area is by far is Bellis Fair Mall. Built in the late 1980's, Bellis Fair attracts people from all over; including Canadians from across the border. Many more attractions can be can be found across Meridian St including Restaurants, specialty stores, bookstores, hardware stores, workout facilities, and department stores.

Whatcom Community College is another significant landmark in the Meridian Neighborhood. Many of the 7,000 WCC students live around the college in multi-family housing units such as apartments and condominiums which are very popular in this area. In fact, only a small portion of the Guide Meridian is zoned for single-family houses. This means that future development will be focused on high-density living. However, the City of Bellingham is conscious about keeping its town beautiful and efficient.